December 10, 2018


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Mr. Always Write, Online Presence
It's no secret that online presence matters for small business success. How reachable have you made yours? So, you have
Mr. Always Write, Typos
Stop making those simple typos and use the word you meant to, instead. Let's take a look at some of
Mr. Always Write, Hockey Rink
PREFACE: Years after graduating from high school (I had completed university by this point, too) I had an opportunity to
English, Phrases, Language
I've said it before and I'll say it again: English is an oddly complicated language. And with so much complexity
East Coast, Canada, PEI
Anyone who knows anything about Alexandra (The Little Things) and I knows that we are no strangers to hitting the
2017, Stanley Cup, Pittsburgh Penguins
If you haven't yet heard, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2017 Stanley Cup champions. And I will take full credit
Social Media, Business
You should be spreading your branding wings far and wide by setting up your company profile in as many places as
Language, Punctuation, Grammar
If someone tells you that punctuation doesn't really matter, or they try to play down its importance, please share this

Just a Quick Note

I appreciate you coming by to check out my blogs. I’m not sure if that’s specifically why you’re on my site, or if you ended up on this page after visiting me to discuss digital marketing, but either way I hope you saw something that caught your attention.

Beyond my blog itself (which is where you currently are), I’ve also been hired on by FanSided as a freelance writer, contributing to their sports blog network. It’s really helped reinvigorate my passion for writing.

I’m a sports fan, but hockey above all else. I’ve played, coached, refereed, taught, coordinated, and now I get to write about the best game in the world. Being a Contributor to Blackhawk Up and Editor In Leaf will help me prove that you can, in fact, have two favourite teams.

Check out my FanSided author pages:

Blackhawk Up, FanSided Editor In Leaf, FanSided

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